Can Cleaning Really Be Fun?

I. Have. Always. Hated. Cleaning.  Always.  With a daughter, it is now a must-do-more-often chore.

As I was vacuuming the other day, I started getting the “omg I hate this crap” feeling.  I didn’t want to pitch a fit because my boyfriend is good about cleaning and this actually helps get it done.  Then it dawned on me that if I approach this as exercise, it can make it a bit more fun.  With a new baby, finding time to exercise is a bit more challenging anyhow.  So kill two birds with one stone.

I flexed my arm muscles as I pushed the heavy contraption across the floor.  I did squats as I lifted things to vacuum under.

I put all of the laundry in a few baskets to make sure they would give me a challenge to carry down to the laundry room.  Carefully, I took them down each step and squeezed my gluteus maximus as I went.

As I wipe the kitchen counter or cook, I do one legged squats.  As I carry baby in the Bjorn, I do more squats because I have the beauty of an extra weight.

As I mop, I focus on keeping my back straight, alternate my arms, and make sure I bend with my knees when needed.

Who knew my love of yoga and working my body could bleed over into the chore I loathe the most?

Call me crazy, but I always try to find a positive outlook in things, especially things that I’ve always despised.  I haven’t always been that way, but that’s another story.

Get your cleaning on today folks!


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