The story at the bottom and the pictures will evict any and all emotions out of your soul.  Get a tissue.  Get a whole box.

I can’t imagine my life without Phoenix.  I can’t imagine my life without her, yet having to go through everything else that goes along with having a baby.  The emotions must be crippling.  This woman has enough strength for all of us.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was stunned.  What?!  How the hell am I going to raise a baby?  What about labor?  Ouch!  Is he or she going to be alright?  I hope he or she has 10 fingers and toes.  I hope he or she is healthy.  I hope he or she sleeps.  I HOPE I SLEEP.  The thoughts running through my head were endless.  This woman’s journey helps to put a halt to the negative thoughts and allow you to revel in the fact that a new life will be the result of all these changes to body and mind.

I admit.  There are times when I long for my endless hours of sleep.  For a Sunday in bed, just watching Lifetime.  For a day where I don’t have to map out my shower, my hair, getting dressed, etc.  For a day that Phoenix’s daddy and I aren’t both so exhausted we barely talk to each other.

But then we look at her and we instantly perk up.  We instantly forget any reason to bicker.  We snatch her up and give her kiss sandwiches.  We see the sparkle in her eye and her beautiful smile when we smile at her.  We hear her giggle when daddy is bouncing her up and down on his belly.  We watch her sleep peacefully with her Simba or her sheep.

When they say you forget about all the nonsense when you look at your baby, they (whoever they are) are right.  But what if you have all the nonsense, but have no baby to look at?  It’s an emptiness that I don’t even think I can imagine.

I’d be a big ball of tears.  I’d need counseling.  I’d need 24/7 yoga, with tissues, with bouts of bawling seshes.  I’d find comfort knowing that my mother would be taking care of my baby, along with all the other babies gone so suddenly.  So, I say to you Natalie Morgan… Thank you.  Thank you for your reality check.  Eleanor is your angel.  But she is also OUR angel.

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A GoFundMe page has been set up for the couple and more than $10000 has been raised by 281 people in nine days so far.

The funds will aid the family in medical and hospital expenses.

There seem to be so many friends of mine and Brian that have either recently had babies, are soon to have babies, or…

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