Eggs?  No eggs?  Rice cereal?  No rice cereal?  Try for a few days?  A week?  Once a day?  Twice a day?  I mean, there are so many damn opinions floating around as to how to introduce food to your baby.  Do your own research, make an educated decision, and do the shit the way you want.

I, for one, would rather feed my kid yummy food rather than bland shit.  I am more on the experimental, but cautionary, side.  I’m not going to intentionally feed my kid something that will harm her.  But I will not be scared away by “oh that food can be allergenic.”  Well, gee, let’s live in fear.  Just as with us adults, we can develop an allergy to a food but won’t know it unless WE TRY IT.

I found a page on Instagram that made me light up.  It’s called BabyFoodE.  The recipes are right up my alley.  Her 4+ month recipes are delightful, more so than rice cereal.  I want to attempt to not have a kid that only eats mac n cheese or chicken nuggets….not to say that I won’t ever give her these, just not ONLY these.

I started with avocado three weeks ago.  Phoenix liked it.  Then I went with butternut squash.  Phoenix wasn’t thrilled.  This week we are on avocado, egg yolk, and breast milk purée.  I mashed it myself so there are still tiny chunks.  Texture introduction people!  Mama gets to eat the white part filled with the leftover avocado.  Double yum!  I am excited to possibly try asparagus and mint purée next.  Sure, I’ll try oatmeal too.  I want to attempt to make my girl foods with ingredients that we have here at home or that we can use in a meal for ourselves too.  I am a stay-at-home mom so I want to take advantage of the time I have to make homemade food.  I will re-introduce the squash at a later date, and maybe add a spice or two.

A friend nearly had a heart attack when I said I was going to give my baby egg yolk.  I did my research.  The egg white is the “allergenic” part, with many proteins.  The yolk is filled with good stuff, like cholesterol which is needed by a growing baby.  She is an all-around healthy baby so I feel comfortable trying it.  So far, after day three, she is allergy-free!

I’m not a food expert, so don’t take my word for it.  Just try whatever floats your boat.

Here is the link to the Baby FoodE blog…..expand your mind (and your baby’s palate):

IMG_7032 IMG_7033



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