Pun intended.

Four different customer service reps.  Five different quotes.  What is the rhyme or reason?

Britney quoted $64.99 for internet up to 45 mbps download, plus a $100 installation fee.  It sounded like a reasonable price for that speed just for internet which we were happy about.  First we needed to cancel our existing service, so we hung up with Britney, promising to call her back.

An hour later, after canceling our existing service,  we called back and another rep for this company, Jay, could not locate the previous quote Britney had mentioned.  He claimed that we could get that internet speed only as part of a bundle.  So he offered a TV plus internet up to 45mbps download for $82.99 with installation free or just internet service for $49.99 up to 18mbps download plus $100 professional installation fee.

We were not giving up just yet.  We were determined to get that first offer that seemed good for our pockets so we called back for the third time to speak to a spanish speaking rep named Juan.  He claimed that his best and only offer was TV plus Internet up to 12 mbps for $72.99, installation free, and that at this address location they don’t offer internet speeds over 12 mbps.  This was his offer after telling him over and over that we don’t want TV, just internet.

By now, we were like “screw this company.”  Seems like any rep can make their own offer…but before that, we made one last attempt.  The fourth time we called another customer service line for the same company and this time around a rep named Austin picked up.  His offer was for only internet up to 45 mbps, installation free, for only $49.99.  So we finally went with Austin’s quote for just internet and not only did he give us the best offer, he also did not try to persuade us to keep tv, since we stated numerous times that we do not want cable.

This is crazy!!  Overall, we spent almost half a day calling this company just to somehow try to understand how their system comes up with different quotes every time.  But it is still confusing. You  would think an established company like that would have one system that each rep can refer to.  When asked what the final billing will be, no one knows.

You’re probably thinking as to why we chose this company after going through all this.  The answer is simple.  We only have two providers who offer tv and/or internet at our address.  One was $82.82 at 100mbps and the other $49.99 at 45 mbps.  The latter is more than enough for streaming, web browsing, blogging and even for work related business.

After all this, we still have yet to see how the service will work for us.  They’ll be here in a few days to install.  Until then… to be continued!  I still hope for a better option to be released in our lifetime.


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