Onesies.  Swing.  Baby bath.  Diapers.  Exer saucer.

Sure.  New moms need those.  (Well maybe not the bath.  Just take the one from the hospital for the first couple of weeks until the cord falls off.  Then bring babes in the shower with you.  Easier with spouse’s help and saves water!)  But not in excess.  Babies grow quickly.  Moms also could use things for themselves.  Here are my suggestions for the next mom-to-be in your life.

  1. Get mom a pregnancy massage.  These will make her feel like a million bucks and not to mention will make baby feel good too!
  2. Get baby some toys.  Come 6 months, baby needs stimulation and will get bored easily with what you have.  Think future gifts rather than right-at-birth needs.
  3. Ditch the baby shoes.  They are such a pain to put on, not good for babies feet, and are a waste of money.  Hand knit booties from abuela are always a good idea, however.  IMG_7767
  4. Gift cards.  These are always a great idea.  Mom can get what she or baby needs.  Try a store other than Babies R Us.  It might be a good initial one-stop-shop for accessories.  But it is expensive and, if you’re like me, doesn’t offer a huge range of organic and/or eco friendly options.  Try a gift card where clothes made from organic cotton can be purchased or an gift card where green toys can be purchased.
  5. COMFY ROCKING CHAIR WITH ROCKING OTTOMAN.  Nuff said.  This will be used for everything from breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, sleeping, breastfeeding.  Oh!  You may just never leave this thing.  I don’t have one, but when visiting a friend with two, I just love it!  If baby 2 is ever a thing, I will be making this purchase!
  6. Get mom a prenatal yoga membership.  In addition to the massage, this will calm mom’s nerves and, in turn, calm baby.  I did yoga throughout and had a less than two hour labor with no meds….for my first baby….just saying.  I accredit that to the calm pregnancy.
  7. Forget the nose bulb syringes.  They didn’t work for us.  We were recommended Nose Frida from a friend and it has worked wonderfully for us.  Side note-you DO NOT suck the boogers into your mouth.  You use your sucking strength but there is a barrier with a filter in between baby’s nose and your mouth.
  8. Get a cloth diaper monthly service for one month for mom to try out.  We tried idiaper which services New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Although it didn’t work out for us, it is something that many people find works wonders and it’s earth-friendly. We ended up using disposables, now using Honest brand, and make our own wipe solution, with cut up cloth from t-shirts we weren’t using and baby washcloths that we were gifted at our baby shower.IMG_7765  We found that disposable wipes were giving baby rashes at the beginning.  Baby hasn’t had a rash in months and we do not use a cream at all daily.  Check out some of the recipes we use here.  Allow mom to find works for her and baby.
  9. Natural Nipple Butter by EarthMamaAngelBaby.  I used this at the beginning of our breastfeeding adventure and it is safe for baby to eat, main ingredient being olive oil.  Who wants to wipe off cream every time you need to feed?  It got us through the initial month or two of getting accustom to feeding and I never had mastitis or thrush.  Then I didn’t even need it.  Now I use it as a chap stick.  IMG_7768
  10. How about a baby toothbrush and toothpaste?  I recently purchased a dye and bpa free, made in the USA toothbrush with 100% vegetable bristles at Whole Foods.
  11. Bibs that are useful.  Most of the ones I got are made so that the circumference around the neck portion is too big.  My girl’s neck is tiny so they become useless when food drips onto her clothes even though she has a bib on.  Get ones that have snap closures and that have a few different snaps to adjust for size.  I like the Aden and Anais brand.  Not to mention, the muslin material is to die for.  The Tommee Tippee brand bib is also useful because there is a cushion that snugly fits under baby’s neck.
  12. Since it’s mom’s first baby, buy some books.  Books are great to read even to newborns.  Reading is so important!  I tell Phoenix’s daddy this frequently…like when he puts only a third of the amount of fruits a green smoothie calls for and he’s like “this is gross!”  Well…IMG_7766

I urge you to think outside the box.  Don’t get mom what everyone else will be getting.  I received a beautiful orchid at my shower and it’s still blooming lovely in my front window, even after I thought it was dead.


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