I’ve been MIA because I’ve been raising a baby, relatively alone.  Besides the help of my wonderful partner, it’s just her and I.  All. The. Time.

I feel crazy at times.  Like running away.  Like this is the last thing I want to do.  That’s why a TRIBE IS NEEDED TO RAISE KIDS.

Today, for example, we are both sick.  Her father has to work and we are home.  Miserable together.  I dream of a mom or some kind of someone to be available at times like these to help out.  In today’s society, that help almost always requires monetary compensation.  I once asked a family friend to watch her for one day for four hours.  I was asked if I was going to pay her.  Sigh.  Where are the days that people bartered time to help each other out?

I, more often than not, dream of living on an island with coffee, avocados, and like-minded friends, who help with baby-raising and home-schooling.  I often question why I don’t just settle for society’s standards like most people do.  I don’t want my daughter to do so either.

I am so blessed to have like-minded friends and often wish we could all be in the same place.  I’ve always felt misunderstood by the people who surround me.  I’ve always been one to speak about my feelings, thinking it’ll change outcomes.  When it doesn’t, I get discouraged.  What’s the point?

I often wonder how things are going to pan out as my daughter gets older.  I often find more companionship in strangers who I meet along my journey.  I’d love to hear from other moms and dads without tribes…

“I’m in love with people I’ve never met and places I’ve never been.”



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